The Linux Foundation は、テクノロジの最前線にある業界トップレベルの企業とともに、さまざまなプロジェクトを立ち上げています。ソリューション プロバイダーやエンド ユーザー企業が自らのリソースを提供し、業界の未来を築く技術のために協業しています。さまざまな企業が The Linux Foundation を選び、ブロックチェーン、クラウド、ネットワーク処理、IoT をはじめとするあらゆる分野でプロジェクトを発足させています。The Linux Foundation のユニークな参加モデルが、ソリューション プロバイダーとテクノロジ ユーザーの両者のソフトウェア開発を促進し、相互のメリットを生み出しています。

The Linux Foundation のプロジェクトに関する参加企業の声 (原文) をご紹介します。



"The Linux Foundation is well-recognized for its ability to rally support and advance the work of important open source projects. The Dronecode Project will benefit from this expertise and bring to bear important resources for developers working on drone technology."

Chris Anderson, CEO and Founder, 3D Robotics



"Open source software has fueled the advancements we’ve seen over the last decade in cloud and mobile computing. That is why supporting the Linux Foundation's Core Infrastructure Initiative is an absolute necessity in today’s software industry, and is delighted to contribute to this effort and foster the next generation of open source computing innovation."

Parker Harris, Co-Founder,


Goldman Sachs

"We are basing much of our future plans for application delivery, management, and deployment around open technology standards. Goldman Sachs has been an early advocate and adopter of common standards in other areas, such as computing and networks, and we wholeheartedly support this latest movement within the industry to provide consistency and standardization across container technology."

Don Duet, Global Co-Head of Technology, Goldman Sachs



"AT&T sees tremendous value in these initiatives. We are very interested in helping to shape the container standards and architecture of the next-generation ecosystem that will deliver on the promise of cloud-enabled software. We are fully committed to this technology direction, as demonstrated by our Domain 2.0 initiative to migrate 75% of our targeted network onto a software defined network directed cloud."

Toby Ford, Assistant Vice President of Cloud Technology, Architecture and Planning, AT&T


Deutsche Börse

"Deutsche Börse Group sees great potential in blockchain technology and is delighted to join this initiative. As a market infrastructure covering the entire value chain, we believe that the true value of the blockchain will only materialise as part of industry initiatives such as Hyperledger project."

Jeffrey Tessler, Member of the Executive Board, Deutsche Börse AG



"SanDisk saw the importance of investing in an open source office a few years ago and wholeheartedly supports companies following and sharing best practices in engaging with the open source community. The establishment of the TODO Group under The Linux Foundation is consistent with the role of The Linux Foundation to promote collaboration on best practices and policies in open source engagement. I look forward to sharing and working with my fellow open source officers at the sub-group."

Nithya Ruff, Director, Open Source Strategy Office, SanDisk



"Ericsson is one of the leading drivers of open source communities related to SDN and network virtualization, such as ODL and OPNFV. Open source communities give the industry a way to collaborate, innovate, and align and will play a key role in the transformation of current networks. We always support collaboration fora in the industry, and that’s the reason we are happy to be a founding member of the project to investigate and innovate around the virtualization of the data plane together with other partners in the industry."

Jan Farjh, Vice President and Head of Standardization & Industry, Ericsson



"As the company behind Tectonic, the first commercial distribution of Kubernetes, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation is providing a collaborative place for the Kubernetes ecosystem to grow. We believe Kubernetes will become the standard for distributed infrastructure and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation is an important step towards making that a reality."

Alex Polvi, CEO, CoreOS



"Through our participation in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, we are pleased to be part of a collaborative effort that will establish interoperable reference stacks for container orchestration, enabling greater innovation and flexibility among developers."

Ben Golub, CEO, Docker



"Google is committed to advancing the state of computing, and to helping businesses everywhere benefit from the patterns that have proven so effective to us in operating at Internet scale. We believe that this foundation will help harmonize the broader ecosystem, and are pleased to contribute Kubernetes, the open source cluster scheduler, to the foundation as a seed technology."

Craig McLuckie, Product Manager, Google Corporation



"The Cloud Native Computing Foundation represents the next step in the evolution of open source software, in that it provides a mechanism for complementary projects to come together as a single and harmonized solution architecture. We are excited to be part of CNCF as a founding member and to begin working with our peer companies to make container-native computing broadly accessible."

Scott Hammond, CEO, Joyent



"Growing, maintaining, and rapidly expanding container and micro-service based applications across multiple clouds is a challenge without standards. The creation of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation reaffirms IBM's long-standing commitment to community driven open source answers to tough problems and we look forward to making contributions in support of containers and other open technologies as we deliver class leading container services through our Bluemix infrastructure."

Dr. Angel Diaz, Vice President of Cloud Architecture and Technology, IBM



"This transition—with CAF becoming a Labs project of The Linux Foundation—is a real milestone in the maturation of mobile Linux development. The synergies between CAF’s priorities to upstream mobile Linux innovations and those of The Linux Foundation overall are undeniable and should now significantly accelerate CAF’s efforts."

Rob Chandhok, President, Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc. (Former)

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