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LC3 Schedule Announced, Register Now | LinuxCon + ContainerCon + CloudOpen 中国论坛日程表现已公布,立即注册


LC3 Schedule Announced | Register Now to Save $90USD/505RMB | 日程表已公布 | 立即注册可节省 90 美元/ 505 元人民币

Join us in Beijing June 25 – 27, for three days of education across 175+ sessions, collaboration opportunities with open source technologists and professionals from around the globe, and the chance to learn about the newest trends and topics in open source.

Conference tracks include:

  • Cloud Native, Serverless & Microservices
  • Infrastructure & Automation for Cloud, Cloud Native & DevOps
  • Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning
  • Internet of Things & M2M
  • Linux Systems & Development
  • Networking & Orchestration
  • Blockchain
  • Emerging Technologies & Wildcard
  • KVM
  • Open Source Leadership

In addition, LC3 will feature an Executive Business Leadership track on Tuesday, June 26. The schedule for this track will be announced shortly.


Keynote speakers include:

  • Kelsey Hightower, Developer Advocate, Google
  • Abby Kearns, Executive Director, Cloud Foundry Foundation
  • Greg Kroah-Hartman, Linux Kernel Maintainer
  • Michelle Noorali, Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft
  • Linus Torvalds, Creator of Linux & Git, in conversation with Dirk Hohndel, VP & Chief Open Source Officer, VMware
  • Jim Zemlin, Executive Director, The Linux Foundation

Additional keynotes from companies including Alibaba, Baidu, Huawei, Intel and SUSE will be announced shortly.


Need assistance convincing your manager? Here’s a letter that can help you make the request to attend LC3. Register now to save $90USD/505RMB through April 30.

参加 LC3 在北京召开的为期三天(6 月 25 日至 27 日)的开源教育与合作会议。

参加我们将于 6 月 25 日至 27 日在北京召开的为期三天的 超过175场的会议,与来自世界各地的开源技术专家和专业人士进行合作,并有机会了解开源的最新趋势和主题。


  • 云原生,无服务器与微服务
  • 云、云原生和 DevOps 的基础结构和自动化
  • 人工智能和深度学习
  • 物联网与 M2M
  • Linux 系统与开发
  • 网络与编制
  • 区块链
  • 新兴技术与通配符
  • KVM(基于内核的虚拟机)
  • 开源领导力

此外,LC3 将于 6 月 26 日(星期二)召开以“执行业务领导力”为主题的会议。我们将尽快公布此主题的时间表。



  • Kelsey Hightower,开发者倡导者,Google
  • Abby Kearns,执行董事Cloud Foundry Foundation
  • Greg Kroah-Hartman,Linux 内核维护者
  • Michelle Noorali,高级软件工程师Microsoft
  • Linus Torvalds,Linux 和 Git 的创始人,并与 VMware 副总裁兼首席开发官 Dirk Hohnde 进行交谈
  • Jim Zemlin,执行总监,The Linux Foundation

近期还将公布包含阿里巴巴、百度、华为、英特尔和 SUSE 等公司的其他主题演讲。


需要我们帮助您说服您的经理?这封信可以帮助您提出参加 LC3 的申请。4 月 30 日前注册,即可节省 90 美元/ 505 元人民币。

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