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New Keynotes & Executive Leadership Track Announced for LinuxCon + ContainerCon + CloudOpen China 中国论坛推出新的主题演讲和执行领导力会议 | 立即注册


Check out the new keynote speakers and executive leadership track for LC3.

Attend LC3 in Beijing, June 25 – 27, 2018, and hear from Chinese and international open source experts from Accenture, China Mobile, Constellation Research, Huawei, IBM, Intel, OFO, Xturing Biotechnology and more.

New Keynote Speakers:

  • Peixin Hou, Chief Architect of Open Software and Systems in the Central Software Institute, Huawei
  • Sven Loberg, Managing Director within Accenture’s Emerging Technology practice with responsibility for Open Source and Software Innovation
  • Evan Xiao, Vice President, Strategy & Industry Development, Huawei
  • Cloud Native Computing Panel Discussion featuring panelists from Alibaba, Huawei, IBM, Microsoft and Tencent, and hosted by Dan Kohn, Executive Director, Cloud Native Computing Foundation

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New Executive Leadership Track:

In addition to existing tracks across technology areas including AI, Blockchain, Networking, Cloud Native and more, LC3 2018 will feature a new Executive Leadership track on Tuesday, June 26, 2018, targeted at gathering executive business leaders across Chinese technology companies to collaborate, to share learnings, and to gain insights from industry leaders including:

  • R “Ray” Wang, head of Silicon Valley-based Constellation Research and best selling author of the Harvard Business Review Press book, Disrupting Digital Business, will share practical guidance on how to jump start growth with AI driven smart services
  • Dr. Feng Junlan, Director of the newly founded China Mobile Artificial Intelligence and Smart Operations R&D Center, will share insights on network intelligence, intelligent operations and China Mobile’s related strategic considerations and practice
  • Chao Wang, CTO of Xturing Biotechnology will talk about building Gene Sequencing tools by using container technology
  • Chenyu Xue, M2M Director of OFO will discuss the sharing economy how OFO implements an open source spirit into its company philosophy
  • Deep Learning Panel Discussion featuring panelists from Baidu, Didi, Huawei, IBM, Microsoft and Tencent, and hosted by Jim Zemlin, Executive Director, The Linux Foundation

These sessions will take place following the morning keynote sessions including Sven Loberg, Accenture; Evan Xiao, Huawei; and the Cloud Native Panel Discussion.



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参加6月25日–27日在北京召开的LC3论坛,倾听来自埃森哲、中国移动、卫星网研究、华为、IBM、英特尔、OFO、Xturing Biotechnology等中国和国际公司的开源专家的意见和建议。


  • 侯培新,中央软件研究院开源软件与系统首席架构师,华为
  • Sven Loberg,埃森哲新兴技术实践总监,负责开源和软件创新
  • Evan Xiao,战略与行业发展部门副总裁,华为
  • 云原生计算小组讨论,由来自阿里巴巴、华为、IBM、微软和腾讯的专题讨论嘉宾组成,由云本地计算基金会的执行董事 Dan Kohn 主持

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涵盖了人工智能、区块链、网络、云原生等技术领域的现有通道之外,LC3 2018论坛将于6月26日(周二)推出一项新的高管领导力会议,旨在汇聚中国科技公司的高管业务领导者,共同分享学习经验,并分享行业领导者的见解,此会议将包括:

  • 卫星网研究(硅谷)的负责人和畅销书作者(书籍《混乱的数字化商业》,哈佛商业评论杂志社出版) R “Ray” Wang ,将分享“如何通过人工智能驱动的智能服务推动增长”的实践指导
  • 新成立的中国移动人工智能和智能运营研发中心主任冯俊兰博士,将分享“关于网络智能、智能运营和中国移动相关战略考虑与实践”的见解
  • Xturing Biotechnology的首席技术官王朝将谈谈使用容器技术构建的基因测序工具
  • OFO的M2M总监薛晨宇将探讨共享经济——“OFO 如何在公司理念中实现开源精神”
  • 深度学习小组讨论会的嘉宾来自百度,滴滴,华为,IBM,微软和腾讯,并由Linux Foundation执行总监Jim Zemlin主持

以上会议将在上午的主题演讲后举行,将包括埃森哲的Sven Loberg,、华为的Evan Xiao,以及云本地小组讨论嘉宾。

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