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Outwitting the Fashion Police

By 2009-06-178月 22nd, 2017Blog
Article Source Linus Torvalds’s Blog
June 17, 2009, 3:00 pm

This is a public service announcement for all geeks.

Are you tired of people pointing out that you shouldn’t use socks and sandals? I know, it really annoyed me too. It’s like they are trying to take away your geek card.

But there’s a solution.

For a year now, I’ve been avoiding the fashion police by instead of “sandals” wearing “shoes with holes in their sides”. I’ve got these Keen’s that look enough like shoes that nobody ever bats an eye at you wearing them with socks (Ok, by “nobody”, I mean my wife, but that’s all that matters, right?).

The problem is that it looks like the fashion police may be starting to figure it out. The model I have seems to be no longer in production, and now all the new ones I find are pretty obviously sandals (toes and/or heel showing).

So when I wear out my current ones, I’m going to be in trouble again. Damn.

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