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One Year Later: What Do You Think of

By 2010-03-128月 22nd, 2017Blog
This month marks the one-year anniversary of in its newest form. A year ago, we built the site based on your rankings of features on IdeaForge. Today, we want to hear how you’re using and what is most useful. And perhaps even more importantly – what isn’t useful. We also want to better understand who is using the site so we can provide resources that specifically meet your needs.

So, we’re launching a short survey today to gather important input on where we go from here. We will review the results at our annual Planning Meeting at the Collaboration Summit in April where the 2010 Linux Gurus (to be announced shortly) will review the findings and help us determine what’s next for the site. Please take five minutes to fill out the 8-question Community Survey.

We’re also preparing to run a series of profiles on our individual members. If you’re an individual member and have a fun or interesting story about how you’re using Linux and taking advantage of your Linux Foundation membership, email me at
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

I also wanted to take this opportunity to more formally introduce myself. I’ve gotten the chance to talk to some folks about my recent career move to join the Linux Foundation as Director of Communications & Community, but I’ll share a little more detail here.

First, I’ve been working with the Linux Foundation as a partner (Page One PR) for many years and you’ve probably seen me (and in many instances, talked with me) at the Collaboration Summit, LinuxCon and other events.

So it is a very natural step to come on board full-time. I’m hoping this will lead to even closer collaboration with the Linux community in the spirit of helping bring more awareness to Linux and to provide important information to the growing masses of new Linux users.

The evolving definition of the desktop makes this year a very important time for Linux. For the first time in its history, Linux is the front-runner OS for a new generation of computing devices. This translates into a new level of demand for business and marketing support, to which I’m humbled to be able to contribute.

I will help meet this demand by serving Linux Foundation constituents, which include corporate and individual members, press and analysts, and our members.

I’ve spent my career so far working in PR and social media so what I hope to contribute is an ability to bring attention to other people’s contributions. For example, there is unique content on and gifted writers in the community who are writing for the site today. I will strive to help drive traffic and attention to the important work and unique resources available on as well as to facilitate collaboration on the site.

I look forward to the work ahead and hope to see you at the Collaboration Summit next month!

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