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Miss Collab Summit? Now You Can See What You Missed

By 2010-04-228月 22nd, 2017Blog
Last week, we had our fourth annual Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit. In the years since our first one at Google in 2007, quite a bit has changed: more mobile content, a bigger audience and a broader collection of developers, industry people and users solving real technical and legal challenges facing the platform. (We also all got free Linux phones.) Another big change? For the first time we offered live streaming of day one to anyone who registered. The streaming by all accounts went well and we look forward to offering this service for Linuxcon and future Linux Foundation events.But in case you missed it live, now you can catch up. We have published all the keynotes from day one here: This year a theme emerged: how companies work within the Linux community.My highlights:

Day two and threes were also filled with great technical and legal discussions and collaboration. Sadly no video. Next year you’ll just have to attend. We have put together many of the slides presented at the conference though: hope you enjoy these videos and would like to thank the technical and event crew who pulled this off with limited resources. Please let me know if you have feedback. Keep an eye on our Linuxcon announcements. The early bird discount expires soon and I hope to see everyone there for what is sure to be a great time.

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