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Free Training Webinar Covers Linux Admin 101: Getting to Know Vim

By 2010-06-078月 22nd, 2017Blog

There is a really useful, free training webinar available now from one of our regular writers (and former openSUSE Community Manager), the talented Joe “Zonker” Brockmeier. It is titled “Getting to Know Vim” and you can register for it on The Linux Foundation’s Training website.

It’s worth sharing this free training opportunity, in particular, with our members (and the broader community) because it’s on the same topic as one of the most popular articles of all time on Vim Tips: The Basics of Search and Replace (also by Zonker).

The webinar is also part of a much larger effort to help meet the increasing demand by employers for Linux talent. This Free Training Webinar Series provides training directly from the developers who are using and building Linux every day. The first in the Series was “How to Contribute to the Linux Community,” by Jon Corbet. Other instructors include James Bottomley, Christoph Hellwig, Chris Mason and Ted Ts’o.

The Training Webinar on “Getting to Know Vim” primarily covers the following:

1) Understanding the nature of Vim as a “modal” editor and why Vim is important
2) Editing basics like search and replace, movement, etc
3) Points users to additional resources to learn more

Once you’re done with the webinar, Zonker says you will be able to use Vim to edit system configuration files and so on. He adds “it’s important for administering remote systems and systems without a GUI. Vim is pretty much the only editor you can count on finding on almost any Linux install.”

Zonker also says this webinar will “help people who are new to Linux get a handle on using Vim or Vi-like editors. New admins, or admins coming from Windows, can use this sort of thing to get a running start.”

We hope you will take advantage of this free resource. As The Linux Foundation’s Amanda McPherson said when we launched the Free Training Webinar Program in January: “While developers are always accessible via the kernel mailing list, this format gives a different kind of access and learning opportunity. Let’s face it: not all users and developers can attend in-person events or pay for a training course.”

Zonker adds that “The Linux Foundation’s training courses are vendor neutral, which is a huge advantage for admins who are working with multiple distributions.”

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