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Linux Poll: Six Questions to Reveal Biggest Success and Failures

By 2010-07-288月 22nd, 2017Blog


As the conference focused on all matters Linux, LinuxCon brings attention to the most cutting-edge Linux advancements taking place today and the work being done to take them into the future. LinuxCon is the pinnacle for understanding what is happening with Linux at the developer, IT management and business levels of every enterprise.

Since LinuxCon debuted in September 2009, a lot has happened in the Linux and open source space. Android is expected to outship iPhone; MeeGo is being built to power a whole new generation of computing devices; HP acquired Palm and its WebOS. And, that’s just in the mobile computing space! Linux is powering the largest cloud providers in the world, and it’s the foundation for most IT managers’ virtualization strategies. Linux is also the underlying technology for nearly every major web-based company – Facebook, Google and more.

Given this amazing year, we want to hear from you about what you think are some of the most important milestones in the areas that we’re going to be exploring at LinuxCon in a couple weeks – the kernel/development, IT operations, and business. We’ve sprinkled in a few others for fun – including your favorite open source project, best browser for Linux and biggest industry disappointment.

Our writers and contributors have given us a starting place for the multiple choice options, but please tell us what we missed. There is a write-in box for each question; you just have to click “other” and write-in your own choice. Write-ins won’t automatically appear in the viewable poll results but will be captured and reviewed during the life of the poll, which runs through August 6, 2010. When we reveal the final results, we will give honorable mentions to the items that received overwhelming write-in votes. If any write-ins exceed the votes for an existing choice, we will claim the write-in the winner of that category.

Hurry, vote now!

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