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Announcing the LinuxCon Just for Fun Poll Winners!

By 2010-08-128月 22nd, 2017Blog


Today we’re announcing the results of our LinuxCon 2010 Just for Fun Poll. A couple of weeks ago we asked you, the community, to vote for your picks in a variety of categories that complemented the focus of LinuxCon: development, IT operations and business. And, we threw some in “just for fun,” too. The multiple choice responses were determined by our writers and appeared to be just about the right, since none of our write-ins received as many votes as the existing choices.

With nearly 1,500 votes received, we’re excited to announce the following community choice winners in this year’s LinuxCon Just for Fun Poll:

Best Linux Kernel Feature: Btrfs takes the cake. Considering that the Btrfs session here at LinuxCon was one of the  most highly-attended sessions at the event, I can’t say I’m surprised. Also, the work that Chris Mason and the kernel team have done over the last year has significantly increased the performance of filesystems for Linux. Dynamic tracing was our runner up.

Favorite IT Operations Tools: Nagios wins this category with more than 1/2 the vote. Congratulations to this active community!

Favorite Browser for Linux: This was a slam dunk with Firefox receiving nearly 75% of the vote. Chrome comes in second but hard to dispute a winner like Firefox with that majority of the votes.

Favorite Open Source Project: Apache remains the community favorite. And who can blame us? Apache is one of the original open source innovations and helps to power the web we rely on today. OpenOffice took a very close second place with MySQL in third position.

Best Linux Success Story: This was our closest vote. The success that Linux continues to have in the enterprise, especially for a growing variety of workloads, makes it the winner. But, it wins over the market success of Android by only 12 votes.

Hall of shame: The Biggest Industry Disappointment: Linux users and developers just won’t let the Playstation debacle slide; it takes the top spot as biggest industry disappointment for the year. The Adobe v Apple standoff turned people off, for sure; but the Playstation controversy hit closer to home for the community.

Thanks to everyone who voted and we look forward to hearing your choices again in 2011!

View all the results online here.


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