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New Free Training Webinar: An Intro to Git

By 2010-09-208月 22nd, 2017Blog

We’ve added another installment to our free training series on The Linux Foundation’s Training siteAn Introduction to Git, the version control system built by Linus Torvalds. Kernel maintainer and Linux Foundation board member James Bottomley does a great job describing the history of Git and how the kernel community now uses it for all kernel development. He also includes a demo.

While Git is used by the kernel development community to manage the amazing rate of change and complex structures of the Linux kernel, it also being increasingly used by other projects and developers. A few of the well known projects using Git include Gnome, Qt, Android, Fedora, Perl, Ruby on Rails, and VLC; a virtual who’s who of open source projects. Also, many companies are now using Git for their internal development, and we have seen a real need for training and information on this tool. If you require more in-depth instruction on Git, please check out our Developing with Git course.

Otherwise, we hope you enjoy this latest resource. We appreciate the time James offered to teach people about Git. If you have questions or comments about our Linux training webinar series, please let me know.

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