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Tracking Weekly Enterprise Linux News: Sun and Rain Clouds Dominate

By 2010-10-088月 22nd, 2017Blog

While Ububtu 10.10 doesn’t officially “come out” until Sunday, previews galore have been running everywhere this week. Of interest to readers of this weekly Enterprise Linux blog is NetworkWorld’s review of the server edition. Julie Bort reports on the new release’s tight integration with Amazon and makes the following comment: “One of the more interesting things Ubuntu 10.10 has done is that it lets an Amazon Machine Image (AMI), which is an instance of your Amazon cloud app, run on your local server in a KVM virtual machine.” This points to two of the key things about Ubuntu 10.10 for the enterprise: KVM is in and Xen is out, and Amazon is the focus for their cloud integration. If you’re looking for an overview preview, check out Nathan Willis’ story here on

The hype around cloud computing might have hit its peak in the last few days as Reuters reported on cloud vendors taking a stumble on the NASDAQ. At The Linux Foundation we’re hearing from users about moving towards the cloud — but cautiously. They’re certainly using Linux to do it. Perhaps hype and reality will strike the right balance going forward.

Thanks to the arrival of new multi-tenant capabilities, IBM this week announced that Lotus Notes is available on-demand. With this, the company announced a low-cost bundle of LotusLive apps in the cloud. CRN has all the details.

HP held a large event this week in Barcelona to roll out to the public its storage strategy. The former CEO of 3Par (which HP acquired earlier this year) has been appointed the new head of HP’s storage business and represents the company’s “route to storage dominance,” according the eWeek UK article on the news.

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In an effort to capture notable enterprise Linux news and trends, The Linux Foundation will be highlighting some of the important milestones and announcements for enterprise Linux each week. We hope this is useful to our members and to the community and we welcome your feedback and additions to these highlights in the comments section. 

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