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LinuxCon Lineup Reflects Reach of Linux

By 2011-04-148月 22nd, 2017Blog

Today we announced our keynote speaker line up for this year’s LinuxCon North America set in beautiful Vancouver, BC in August. I am especially proud of this year’s slate as I believe it captures the current Linux zeitgeist.

Enterprise Linux? We have the CEO of the largest and most successful Linux and open source company, Red Hat, opening up the conference.

Embedded Linux? Mark Charlebois from the Qualcomm Innovation Center will give us his insight on how the embedded and mobile industries are changing and how Linux is fueling that change.

Cloud Computing? We are lucky to have Marten Mickos, Chief Executive Officer at Eucalyptus Systems and former CEO of MySQL. Marten is at the forefront of the open cloud movement.

Mobile Linux? Phil McKinney, VP and CTO at HP will share his vision of WebOS and what to expect from HP. Phil is a visionary and thoughtful executive and technologist so I expect great things from his talk.

Open source culture? If you haven’t read Clay Shirky’s book “Here Comes Everybody,” you should. He talks about how the principles started by the open source software movement are now transforming our day-to-day lives. This talk will get you thinking about the broader implications of free and open source software and collaborative development.

Desktop Linux? Ubuntu technical architect Allison Randal will give us insight into how Ubuntu is made and what issues are facing the Linux desktop. I am looking forward to hearing directly about how they develop software used by millions every day from Allison.

We still have a few surprises left to announce, including special guests in honor of the 20th anniversary gala. Also, we want *you* to speak. Please consider submitting a talk on technical, business, legal or cultural issues in the Linux and open source world. The CFP closes soon and I want to include every great talk on Linux in the universe . . . but I need you to submit.

LinuxCon this year will be a celebration of how far Linux has come and all the places where it’s expanding. We hope you join us. Did I miss anyone you’d like to see? If so, please let me know or let me know you’re planning on joining us.

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