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Friday Five: Hot Linux and FOSS Stories for the Weekend

By 2011-06-178月 22nd, 2017Blog

Some interesting stories and posts that you might have missed this week, including a change in license for OpenStreetMap data, comparing Web and native apps for mobile, and one lucky FOSS guy is beaming up to the Pixar mothership.

Choosing the right license for open data: Audrey Watters talks to Steve Coast about why OpenStreetMap is moving to the Open Database License. “We have a multi-year process to re-license based on advice from multiple sources that Creative Commons is not applicable to data. We wish it were, and it probably will be in the future but it wasn’t clear when we began. Until that happens we have a process to move to the Open Database License, which explicitly covers data and not just creative works like photographs or text”

“Web” vs. “Native”: The always interesting Tim Bray talks about native apps versus Web apps on mobile, sort of… “I’m pedantic enough to be a little irritated by the common “Web vs Native” usage. They’re all Web apps, and this argument is really about client platforms; no more, no less.” But he then goes on to look closely at TripIt’s Web site versus its mobile site versus its Android app. Good stuff.

pressfs – Dipping a Toe into Write Support: What’s pressfs? It’s a WordPress filesystem that lest you mount data from a WordPress site as a filesystem. It’s in very early stages, but sounds very interesting.

Colin Levy, Director of Sintel, has joined Pixar: Working on Blender leads to a job with Pixar. Says Levy, “There’s no doubt in my mind that I owe this opportunity almost completely to Sintel. When I had my interview with the guys at Pixar, basically that’s all we talked about! (They seemed pretty impressed — and very curious about the whole “Open Movie” concept!) Seriously, I feel deeply indebted to Ton and the Blender community.”

Providing IPv6 connectivity to virtual guests with libvirt and KVM: Daniel Berrange explains how to set up IPv6 connectivity for KVM guests. Nice and detailed post, with pictures! (Well, diagrams, anyway…)

Don’t forget to check out some of’s original content as well, like Carla Schroder’s “Things you can’t do with a GUI”, and Nathan Willis’ look at Media Explorer.

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