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Sweden-based Designer Wins 20th Anniversary of Linux T-shirt Contest with Flying Penguin Design

By 2011-06-298月 22nd, 2017Blog


Today we are very excited reveal that Kim Blanche is the winner of the 20th Anniversary of Linux T-shirt design contest with her simple, thoughtful “Flying Penguin” design.

Our panel of judges reviewed each of the final designs carefully and considered what illustration best celebrates Linux on its 20th anniversary. As Jon “maddog” Hall, one of the four judges, put it: “It is simple, colorful, a nice design.”

Kim was born in India but moved to Sweden as a young child. She told us that just two years ago she left a career in nursing to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming an artist. 

“I started with digital art. Before that I worked on my spare time with basic oil, acrylic, coal and pencil. To draw and paint has been my biggest interest since childhood. Today I’m happy that I made my decision to aim for my longtime dream.”

With an appreciation for Linux from her software developer fiance, and a head and heart for design, Kim describes the “Flying Penguins” as follows:

“After twenty years of hard work, this penguin has managed to take off. Tux is now sailing smoothly above the competition into a very bright future.”

She elaborated by telling us:

“When I read the terms for the competition, I thought the picture should be joyful and fit for a very happy birthday. I started with the text and I came up with the idea of making the numbers similar to the style of the Linux Foundation logo. After that, Tux came flying in my head with the balloon. And that was it. Simply joyful and suitable for a happy birthday! Then I realized how hard it must be for a penguin to actually fly. That’s the connection with The Flying Penguin. The picture is clear about Tux: he’s heading for a very bright future!”

As the winner of this year’s T-shirt design contest, Kim’s “Flying Penguin” design will be the basis for the official 20th Anniversary of Linux T-shirt available soon in the Store and as the basis for the LinuxCon attendee T-shirts. Kim is also receiving a trip to join us in Vancouver, B.C. for LinuxCon and the LinuxCon Gala.

“I’m very glad to get the opportunity to go to Vancouver for the LinuxCon, as I of course intend to do. This will be an experience of a lifetime. Me and my fiancé are also planning to spend some time in the city and the surroundings afterwards. It will be a wonderful journey!”

All of the finalists’ designs will be displayed this year in a special 20th Anniversary of Linux Gallery at LinuxCon. The framed T-shirts will be mailed to each respective designer afterwards for their own safekeeping. The 20th Anniversary of Linux T-shirt will be available in the Store in about a month. Of course, we’ll let you know as soon as it is.

Thank you again to all of the designers who submitted their artwork for this year’s Store T-shirt design contest. We hope you will join us in celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Linux throughout the rest of this year. To learn more about all the ways to participate, visit our 20th Anniversary of Linux website.

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