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Could You Do Linus Torvalds' Job? Find Out.

By 2011-07-068月 22nd, 2017Blog


Most of you know that Linus Torvalds is the creator of Linux. But how many of us know what text editor he uses? Or, what he does when he gets an ugly patch submission?

If you think you could dethrone the King of Linux, we invite you take our new Facebook Quiz: “Could you do Linus Torvalds’ Job?” Linus has made it clear he’s not going anywhere. But, it would be pretty cool to know if you’ve got what it takes; and, then to show off your know-how to your friends/family on your Facebook wall (among other locations) with custom badges you’ll receive based on your scores. You could be a “Linus Clone” or “Linus Stalker.” You won’t know until you take the quiz.

We know not all Linux fans are Facebook members for a variety of reasons. We totally get that. But we still wanted to give our dedicated Facebook fans a unique way to get involved in the celebration and to share it with their friends, bringing even more people to the Linux community. We have a variety of platforms and channels we use to involve different parts of the community and run similar programs in these online destinations, including platforms like and channels like Twitter and

This “Just for Fun” quiz is helping to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Linux, which will be formally recognized at LinuxCon in Vancouver, B.C., where Linus is confirmed to speak. He’s also expected to attend the LinuxCon Gala, the official party to mark this year’s important milestone. By taking the quiz, you will get a custom code for 25% off of your LinuxCon registration. You can take the quiz as many times as you like, and we encourage you to challenge your friends to beat your score!

As The Linux Foundation’s Amanda McPherson wrote earlier this year: Linux “is everywhere because of everyone.” We want to give every person who wants to celebrate this year’s milestone an opportunity to do so. We’re offering fun ways to get involved, as well as more serious programs, such as the Linux Training Scholarship Program (deadline for submissions is this Tuesday, July 12). Visit the 20th Anniversary of Linux website to see all the ways you can participate in this year’s celebrations.

The “Could You Do Linus Torvalds’ Job?” Quiz is just five short questions and will be live throughout the summer. When you arrive at LinuxCon, the badge you earn online will be waiting for you at the registration desk. Slap it on, and wear it with pride (or shame)!


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