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As Linux Moves Into a New Decade, Companies Look for Linux Talent

By 2011-08-298月 22nd, 2017Blog


The Linux community has been united around the globe over the last few weeks in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Linux. As we head into a new decade, many of The Linux Foundation’s members are looking for Linux talent to help advance the OS for everything from cloud computing to virtualization and super computing to embedded development and mobile computing.

In just the last week, more than 30 Linux-specific IT and developer jobs have been posted to our Jobs Board. A quick keyword search using ‘Linux’ on tech jobs site returns 11,007 jobs. And, in our recent survey of registered LinuxCon attendees, respondents said that one of the biggest challenges for the Linux platform moving forward would be finding SysAdmins and developers with Linux-related skills (second only to legal FUD, see infographic below).

There is no question: if you know Linux or invest some of your time in learning Linux, your career opportunities will be endless.

If you already know Linux and want to do cool Linux kernel stuff, one of our platinum members would love to hear from you. Oracle is hiring Linux kernel developers and is especially interested in folks who get excited about storage. If that’s you, contact Wim Coekaerts at wim [at] linux [dot] com.

If you’re not quite ready for Linux kernel work, check out some of the Linux training opportunities offered by The Linux Foundation. There are some especially good kernel development courses and we have a variety of FREE online Linux tutorials delivered from Linux kernel community members.

Lastly, if you’re an experienced Linux developer who is interested in teaching Linux Foundation training courses, please get in touch (training [at] linuxfoundation [dot] org). Given the high demand for Linux talent, our Linux training program is experiencing high demand as well. 


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