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MeeGo IVI Achieves GENIVI Compliance

By 2011-08-178月 22nd, 2017Blog


I am very excited to share with the community and industry that MeeGo is among the first operating system offerings that have officially been certified by GENIVI to be compliant. This is another great milestone in the collaboration between GENIVI and MeeGo. In July 2010, The Linux Foundation and GENIVI announced that MeeGo is the platform of choice for GENIVI. Both GENIVI software releases, Apollo (October 2010) and Borg (May 2011) utilize MeeGo IVI releases 1.1 and 1.2, respectively, as their foundation and add GENIVI-specific packages.

The MeeGo IVI team has been working very hard to achieve this milestone and as the Working Group chair I am proud and happy that MeeGo IVI continues to create momentum in the automotive industry. In less than a year since the MeeGo IVI Working Group was launched the team has been diligently working on moving the MeeGo IVI device vertical from inception into realization.

GENIVI, the alliance of automakers and suppliers cooperating on in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) products and services, recently launched its compliance program. At the heart of this program is a compliance specification defining GENIVI’s requirements for an IVI platform.

Also, earlier this year, GENIVI adopted Open Build Service (OBS) as the configuration management, build and collaboration platform of choice for its software integration team. The MeeGo team has long been confident in the strengths of OBS to build and integrate packages for Linux systems and hence chose the platform from the beginning. With GENIVI’s OBS directly linked to MeeGo’s OBS, changes and bug fixes are available to GENIVI developers the moment they have been integrated with MeeGo. This is a great benefit for engineers since it alleviates tedious work on tracking security updates for the many diverse packages that make up a Linux distribution. The MeeGo team takes care of that, allowing GENIVI engineers to focus on building their IVI platforms.

The collaboration between MeeGo and GENIVI reached another milestone in June when Linux Foundation and GENIVI executives signed an MoU that grants MeeGo IVI Working Group members as well as Linux Foundation employees access to GENIVI’s compliance program. This opened the door for MeeGo IVI to become a GENIVI compliant platform.

MeeGo IVI has been closely integrating with GENIVI longer than any other platform. That is why we believe it’s an ideal foundation for next generation IVI products. It combines MeeGo’s excellence in Linux for connected mobile devices with GENIVI’s domain expertise in IVI. With MeeGo IVI, OSVs and integrators get a turnkey platform to jumpstart product development. Since MeeGo IVI is fully open source it can be customized in many ways to meet the requirements of a particular application. The MeeGo IVI team is diligently working on new features to continuously add more value to the platform. The features to come with the next releases include automotive networking, an automotive API for software developers, audio management and more.

For detailed information on MeeGo IVI head right over to

I expect to see MeeGo appear in cars pretty soon and I am very much looking forward to enjoy connectivity and applications in one of my future rides.


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