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The Cloud, KVM and NYSE Star at Our Upcoming Enterprise End User Summit

By 2012-03-228月 22nd, 2017Blog

Today I am happy to announce the program and speakers for The Linux Foundation’s Enterprise End User Summit. This is one of our most unique events, bringing together the biggest and most technically advanced Linux users with the vendor and Linux kernel communities.

And, this year’s event is really special for a variety of reasons: first, we learned earlier this year from our annual enterprise end user trends survey and report that the world’s largest companies are adding more Linux over the next 12 months to support cloud computing and “Big Data.” There is much to discuss and work to advance in these areas at this year’s Summit.

Second, we’re meeting at the office of NYSE Technologies, and an amazing party is planned for the evening of April 30 on the NYSE trading floor.

Some highlights from the program released today include:

* NYSE Technologies’ CEO will deliver a keynote on how and why the company is using collaboration to facilitate a capital markets community.

* STAC Analyst Peter Lankford will talk about the nature of trading technology and how Linux is advancing this area.

* Red Hat’s Scott Crenshaw is VP of the Cloud Business Unit and will surface trends in cloud computing that help inform our work.

* IBM’s Anthony Ligouri will address high-speed I/O and latency in the KVM hypervisor.

On Day Two, we’re hosting a Filesystems panel on cloud, cluster and NFS that includes speakers Christoph Hellwig, Jeff Darcy (Red Hat) and Boyd Wilson (Omnibond). Red Hat’s Ric Wheeler will moderate.

This event’s Linux kernel developer panel will include Christiph Lameter and Dave Miller who will join Greg Kroah-Hartman to discuss what’s next in the kernel and how users can contribute to these efforts.

Breakout sessions will address Dtrace, parallel file systems, OpenMAMA, Btrfs, open source storage, OS-level virtualization and extreme performance, among others.

All evidence points to continued growth for Linux among the world’s largest IT users. We’re excited to again host a forum in which this community can advance the state of the art of Linux. If you are an enterprise user pushing the boundaries of Linux and would benefit from attending, please request an invite to this free event.

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