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Quotes From The Linux Foundation Enterprise End User Summit

By 2012-05-018月 22nd, 2017Blog

For the past two days, we’ve held our annual Enterprise End User Summit at the New York Stock Exchange. Besides the fun of ringing the bell during our evening reception, it’s been an incredibly valuable event, fueling collaboration between kernel maintainers and enterprise end users who are pushing Linux to its edge.  

Here are highlights:

“We’re not going to use our APIs to lock people out. Trust and security are at the heart of everything we do.” Stanley Young, CEO of NYSE Technologies

“if there is one community who has embraced collaboration and openness, it’s the Linux Foundation.” Stanley Young, CEO of NYSE Technologies

“Lots of things want to be the ‘Linux of the cloud.’ Let me tell you: Linux is the Linux of the cloud.” Scott Crenshaw, Vice President at Red Hat

“There is no KVM scheduler. There are no KVM device drivers. KVM is Linux.” Anthony Liguori, IBM

“I reviewed 40 patches on my way to the conference today.” Dave Miller, kernel developer, Red Hat

“I care about things that affect a lot of people. When I fix a TCP/IP bug it affects everyone who does a Google search.” Dave Miller, Red Hat

“I want to be sure Linux works for you in 20 years. That’s my goal.” Greg K-H, The Linux Foundation

I want to thank NYSE Technologies for hosting us at the historic exchange and also thank our gold sponsors IBM and SUSE. If you missed this event, please consider LinuxCon North America, Europe or Japan and CloudOpen later this August. Details on our events site. Pictures of the End User Summit are also available on

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