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Brazilian Government Consultant Increases Knowledge with Linux Training Opportunities

By 2012-06-138月 22nd, 2017Blog

Peter Senna Tschudin is both an authoritative teacher and an eager student. Working as a consultant implementing and developing free softwarefor the Brazilian government, he’s required to have a vast knowledge of the technical intricacies of the Linux OS, including Kernel internals. Linux Foundation training has become Tschudin’s go-to resource for satisfying his insatiable desire to dive deep into the technology, which ultimately adds value to his clients. That’s why he’s a frequent Linux training participant and an avid conference-goer.

thumb_sennat.pngIn-depth training boosts skills and confidence

In Tschudin’s course, Linux Kernel Internals and Debugging, he credits the Linux Foundation online training environment for allowing him to participate and learn in an interactive, open-communication format. “The online platform worked very well,” says Tschudin. “Sharing the desktop was excellent because we could see and follow along with what the teacher was doing on his screen, and the phone conference enables the students to speak directly. Also having the textbooks with examples was great for working independently on my labs.”

To read more about Tschudin’s story and experiences, pleaes visit our Linux training site.

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