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Open Cloud Roundup: Top Headlines Week of June 18

By 06/21/20128月 22nd, 2017Blog

GigaOM’s Structure conference on cloud computing this week has provided companies with an opportunity to publicy discuss their visions for the cloud and make related announcements. The Linux Foundation had its own announcement this week as well, with the release of the CloudOpen schedule of speakers and an appeal to the Linux community to fight for an open cloud.

Why We’re Fighting for an Open Cloud 

Linux Foundation VP Amanda McPherson makes a strong argument that the freedom users gained with the shift toward open source software in the new millenium could be lost in the transition to the cloud now underway. She asks for support in pushing for collaboration and openness in the cloud.

Rackspace exec warns of Amazon lock-in

At the Structure cloud conference this week, Rackspace president Lew Moorman advocated for an open alternative to Amazon cloud services.

CloudDriversThe future of cloud computing: 9 trends for 2012

A North Bridge Venture Partners survey released this week says open source projects are still a small driver when it comes to pushing cloud adoption. But it points to some trends in cloud computing that favor open source technologies, including vendor lock-in as the No. 3 reason for what’s inhibiting adoption.

Eucalyptus Systems Aims For Private Cloud Dominance

The open source cloud company released version 3.1 of its Infrastructure-as-a-Service product this week.  

Open Source, the Fuel for Cloud Disruption
SysCon Media

Open source cloud computing offers businesses more flexibility and options as they transition to the cloud, says blogger Jiten Patil. This will put constant pressure on proprietary systems and could lead to the commoditization of cloud technology.

The Linux Foundation
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