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Samsung Joins Linux Foundation as Platinum Member

By 2012-06-058月 22nd, 2017Blog

We are pleased to announce that Samsung is joining The Linux Foundation at the Platinum level. This is the highest level of support at The Linux Foundation and represents Samsung’s commitment to and understanding of the value of Linux and collaborative development.

casual zemlin copySamsung makes a wide range of products that blend incredible hardware and industrial design with brilliant software. It is this combination that has propelled them to become the world’s largest mobile device maker and one of the largest technology companies in the world. Whether it is televisions, tablets, smartphones or appliances; the software that powers a vast array of Samsung’s products is Linux.  

Today is a big day for Linux and a big day for Samsung. The last several months represent an amazing set of developments in Samsung’s use of Linux:

* Over the last few years, but intensely over the last six months, The Linux Foundation and Samsung have had strong collaborative sessions on how the company can get the most out of Linux to lower its development and ongoing maintenance costs. Samsung uses the Linux kernel and Linux-based products throughout its product line, from TVs to phones to home appliances and more, and wants to maximize that investment.

* Just over a month ago Samsung took the lead in mobile phones and started closing in on Apple in smart phones.

* The Linux-based Android Samsung Galaxy III series is receiving amazing reviews and this week comes to five U.S. carriers.

* Samsung is collaborating with Intel and others to build mobile devices and more using Tizen and other Linux-based software.

It is not a coincidence that Samsung’s increased use of Linux and collaboration with its industry peers is in time with its market success. The world’s largest device maker is investing so much in Linux because it understands the power of collaborative development and its role in today’s technology market. Market winners are being defined by their ability to collaborate. Period.

By becoming a Platinum member of The Linux Foundation, Samsung is assuming a leadership role in a vast collaborative development ecosystem that will benefit their business for decades to come. We look forward to a much closer relationship with Samsung and its developers and will increase activities that bring more developers to Korea to enhance collaboration from this talented group.

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