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Top Open Source Cloud Headlines Week of July 23

By 2012-07-268月 22nd, 2017Blog

This week’s top open source cloud news features VMware’s acquisition of Nicira; a Q&A with Citrix’s Mark Hinkle; the pros and cons of open source cloud platforms for IT managers; and insider news that Nebula has enticed some Rackspace developers away. 

How VMware Embraced Its Open Source Nemesis 

VMware’s has acquired open source virtual networking company Nicira, which is also a main contributor to VMWare competitor OpenStack.

Secrecy is Google’s Achilles Heel in Battle for the Cloud

In a world in which buyers of cloud services want to transparency in the infrastructure, can Google be a serious competitor to Amazon if it goes the proprietary route? 

Citrix’s Hinkle Proposes Linux Model for an Open Source Cloud

Mark Hinkle, who oversees the CloudStack efforts at Citrix, says the idea that too many open source cloud projects fragments the effort to compete with proprietary vendors is “crazy talk.” 

Cloud Computing: Deploying Open-Source Cloud Systems: 5 Pros and 5 Cons

A slideshow for IT managers on the benefits and drawbacks of deploying an open source cloud such as OpenStack or CloudStack. 

OpenStack developers leave Rackspace for Nebula

Seven Rackspace developers, many former NASA employees, have left to work for former coworker Chris Kemp at Nebula.

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