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Fujitsu's Yoshiya Eto Becomes Vice Chair of Linux Foundation Board

By 2012-08-088月 22nd, 2017Blog

thumb_eto.pngWe are pleased to announce that Yoshiya Eto of Fujitsu is the new Vice Chair of The Linux Foundation board. He joins officers Doug Fischer (Intel), Chairman, Alan Clark (SUSE), Secretary of the Board, and Frank Fanzilli, Treasurer. All Linux Foundation Board of Directors can be seen here:

Essential to Linux’s ongoing growth around the globe and in the industries it is transforming is collaboration across geographies. We’re seeing more participation in Linux development than ever before from companies in Japan, China, South Korea, South America and throughout Europe.

Eto has been an instrumental figure in bringing together Linux development teams from Japan, China and the rest of the world. He understands that there is important code contributions coming from every geography and has built one of the largest global Linux development teams in the world. Many Linux developers learned Linux development while working on his team.

He also plays a significant role in the advancement of enterprise Linux development through his work on Linux Foundation events. He has been a member of the LinuxCon Japan Steering Committee for the last two years and has taken a leadership role in creating a new local event called the Japan Enterprise User’s Meeting.

Eto’s contributions to Linux go even deeper than this, though. He is also the original author of the Kernel Patch Statistics website, which is the site used to analyze Linux kernel development and is maintained by Mr. Wang Chen who used to work in Eto’s team at Fujitsu.

Today he is a director at Fujitsu where the company’s Linux kernel work have been growing under his leadership. His team is one of the biggest contributors to the Linux kernel (latest ranking in Who Writes Linux paper: #11) and is continuously improving features and stability of Linux for enterprise usage. We look forward to his ongoing work with The Linux Foundation and Linux community as Vice Chair.

Fujitsu is a founding member of The Linux Foundation and today maintains a Platinum-level membership.

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