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Open Cloud Roundup: Top Headlines Week of Aug. 20

By 2012-08-238月 22nd, 2017Blog

This week’s top open source cloud headlines feature a new OpenStack disribution release from Piston Cloud, an open source virtualization management tool from Convirture, interviews with cloud heavyweights at Intel and Eucalyptus, and new interoperability standards recommendations from the Open Data Center Alliance. And, of course, I’d be remiss to leave out a plug for next week’s CloudOpen conference in San Diego. See you there! 

Piston Cloud Airframe — A Free Starter Package For Building An OpenStack Cloud

Piston Cloud will soon release a free OpenStack distribution intended to be an easy way for companies to test the platform without doing too much setup work.

OpenStack is no Linux

Brian Proffitt puts Piston Cloud’s OpenStack distribution release into context with the recent offerings from Red Hat and Rackspace. Taken together, he argues that OpenStack is too commercial to be accurately compared with Linux.

Open-Source Virtualization Management Coming for KVM, Xen and VMware

Convirture’s open source Convirt Enterprise Cloud beta release coming next week will be able to manage multiple virtualization hypervisors.  

4 Questions For Intel About The Open Cloud And The Changing World Of IT (Video)

Alex Williams interviews Intel’s Das Kamhout about Intel’s cloud strategy and its philosophy behind the open cloud. The open cloud discussion starts about 18 minutes into the video (see video, below).

Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) Publishes Two New Cloud Usage Models
The Data Center Journal 

This organization of IT leaders has released a suite of requirements for meeting customer demands for interoperability in SaaS and PaaS.

CloudOpen Preview: Defining the Open Cloud Stack

A Q&A with Greg DeKoenigsberg, the vice president of community at Eucalyptus Systems before his opening morning keynote panel this Wednesday, Aug. 29 at CloudOpen.  

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