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Open Source Cloud Roundup: Top Headlines Week of Aug. 13

By 08/16/20128月 22nd, 2017Blog

OpenStack got a hefty share of the open cloud headlines this week with both Red Hat and Rackspace announcing new cloud services built on the open source platform. A recent Google survey of CFOs shows these execs might be good targets for companies selling open cloud offerings. And Canonical’s Kyle MacDonald weighs in on how to make OpenStack better for customers. Meanwhile, Intel has rallied Chinese technology firms around OpenStack — a sign that Asia will be a key market for cloud vendors. 

Red Hat to Release Enterprise-Ready OpenStack Package

Red Hat has released a preview of its OpenStack-based enterprise cloud offering, set to debut early next year running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Rackspace Launches OpenStack-based Private Cloud Software
Rackspace Blog

Shortly after Red Hat’s announcement, Rackspace came out with its own OpenStack product, available as a free software download on the Rackspace website.  Companies that run with the private cloud software can access free support forums or pay for additional support.

Newly Formed China Open Source Cloud League Connects To OpenStack
China Tech News

Intel has recruited Chinese tech companies to help promote adoption of OpenStack and contribute to its code base. Meanwhile, Rackspace CEO Lanham Napier says in an interview with CNBC that Asia will be its next focus for cloud investment.

CFOs See Value in Cloud Computing, Which Open Source Platforms Can Boost

Google surveyed more than 800 CFOs and found that the majority see the potential for improved productivity with cloud computing. This blog post points out that companies with open source cloud offerings would do well to target CFOs with a pitch on cost savings as well.  

Canonical: Making the Open Cloud Seamless for Users

A Q&A with Canonical’s Kyle MacDonald discusses how the company aims to bring the open cloud layers together and provide a better user experience.  

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