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Top Open Source Cloud Headlines, Week of Aug. 6

By 2012-08-098月 22nd, 2017Blog

OpenStack board nominees

Open source cloud headlines this week feature the announcement of board elections for the OpenStack Foundation; Red Hat’s new branding as an open cloud company; eBay’s new open source cloud application testing platform; Intel’s prescription for developing open standards in the cloud; and a high-profile departure from VMware’s open source Cloud Foundry.

OpenStack Foundation Picks Up Steam, Will Put Board in Place

The OpenStack Foundation will hold its first board election later this month. See the full list of board candidates on the OpenStack website. 

Red Hat: Open cloud requires open APIs and stacks

Red Hat is pushing its Deltacloud API as an open source tool for building hybrid enterprise clouds that interface with Amazon’s EC2. 

eBay Builds Virtualized Test Network With Nicira, OpenStack

The commercial giant has built a cloud testing platform based on OpenStack, Nicira and Quantum. 

Intel’s Imad Sousou: Open Cloud Standards will Emerge With More Collaboration

In this Q&A the director of Intel’s Open Source Technology Center defines the open cloud and discusses how developers can lead the way toward open standards in the cloud.

Cloud Foundry Evangelist Escapes VMware’s Gravity

Another high-profile departure from VMware’s open source cloud building platform.



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