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ZipWhip Releases Cloud Texting App for Linux Desktop

By 08/10/20128月 22nd, 2017Blog


The company that introduced the Textspresso machine to the world has now released its desktop cloud texting application for Linux.

Zipwhip’s Android app, which sends text messages to and from your desktop or tablet via the cloud is now available on Ubuntu and Mint, as well as Windows and Mac.

Zipwhip first caught our attention in April by building an espresso machine that takes orders via text message using its cloud texting application. We reported then that the service runs on a suite of Linux-based products but its solution for Linux desktop users was still in development. The company has since made good on its promise to release a Linux desktop version.

“Zipwhip is a Linux-based platform and there was no chance of us not supporting our beloved desktop app for the Linux OS,” the company wrote in a blog post this week announcing the release. 

Do you dual boot? Not a problem. The application can be installed on multiple desktops running different operating systems and still sync with the messages from one phone number. 

The Zipwhip app runs in the notification area of your Ubuntu desktop—the same place apps like Skype and Dropbox run. When a text message hits your phone, it also appears on your desktop in the upper right corner.

Read it, reply and swipe it away. The service immediately updates the SQLite database on your Android phone so that swiped messages show up as read on your phone as well as your desktop. You can also drag the text box lower and post it to your desktop to save it for later.

Watch Zipwhip’s video, below, for a complete demonstration. (The message from Linus Torvalds is a nice touch.) And download the desktop app at


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