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Available Now Online: Winning Linux T-Shirt Contest Designs

By 09/19/20128月 22nd, 2017Blog
Grey T-Shirt ArrowRed T-Shirt liftsThe two winning designs in the 2012 “Inspired by Linux” T-shirt Design Contest are now available for purchase in the store. 
The first place winner, Brian Beck, uses an “Inspired by Linux Arrow” design to illustrate the ideals of Linux and open source software community members.

And the second place winner, Sabrina Aqil, uses a red background and unique graphic to illustrate how “Linux Lifts Us Up.”

Both carry a small logo on the back and are available in sizes Small through XX-Large for $18 at

Brian and Sabrina will travel this November to LinuxCon Europe in Barcelona. We followed up with both of them shortly after the contest results were announced to find out more about their involvement with Linux and the open source community and what inspired their designs. Here is our interview with Sabrina. (See the Aug. 27 Q&A with Brian.)

What do you do? Who do you work for?
Sabrina Aqil: I work as a web designer at Dada, an Internet company, in Florence, Italy.
Why did you decide to enter the design contest?
 I like to translate important messages into funny designs and the Linux environment has this “laid-back” mood that offers you a nice platform to come up with ideas without pressure or rigidity. As Linux is made by “us” I wanted to do my part for the progress of Linux. The T-shirt design contest had it all: the possibility to make a fun design to help promote Linux. 
How did you come up with your design?
I wanted people to know the various contexts in which Linux plays an important role. By highlighting interesting facts, like  a submarine runs Linux, you get the attention of people that will then ask you questions to know Linux better. So for this reason, the first part of the design sums up these interesting facts about Linux, and the below sentence emphasizes the main core of Linux: a free kernel which offers us the freedom to act.
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