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Just For Fun: A Collaborative Art Project for the Cloud

By 2012-09-128月 22nd, 2017Blog

Who says collaboration has to stop with code? This communty knows well the power of collaboration to advance everything from software to science and yes, to the arts. We invited members from the community to collaborate with us at LinuxCon and CloudOpen in San Diego on a couple new, just-for-fun “projects.” You might have already witnessed the community song and video in which Linus makes a cameo appearance. Now, that’s just plain, good teamwork.

But it didn’t stop with song. Today we’re debuting the results of a collaborative art project created at the events as well.

Throughout LinuxCon and CloudOpen, we invited speakers to illustrate what the open cloud means to them. We shot throughout the events and the result is a collaborative art project that helps us understand how industry leaders are thinking about openness in cloud computing. Does art imitate cloud or does cloud imitate art? Well, you be the judge.




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