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Open Source Cloud News Roundup, Week of Sept. 10

By 09/13/20128月 22nd, 2017Blog

Ceph DiagramMark Shuttleworth’s $1 million investment in open source cloud storage company InkTank leads the open cloud headlines this week.  Also included is a rosy forecast on the public cloud services market from IDC, a collection of quotes on the definition of the open cloud from industry leaders, an interesting Google+ hangout chat on the open source cloud and a white paper from Intel on how to speed a cloud services deployment with open source software. 

Open Source Champ Mark Shuttleworth Invests $1M in Ceph Storage Startup


Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth made a big vote in open cloud this week with his investment in InkTank. The startup is the enterprise services arm of the open source Ceph storage system — an object, block, and file storage platform, often used to provide storage for virtualization.  It has a compatible API to Amazon S3 and Swift, so companies can build on any cloud stack or hypervisor. (For more on Ceph, see our July 31 profile.)

IDC Expects Maturing Cloud Services to Generate $100 Billion in Revenue in 2016


IDC’s study on the potential market for the public cloud isn’t specific to open source cloud. But it gives a good indication of why so many large IT vendors are rushing to provide cloud services, and getting behind open source development to compete with existing public cloud providers such as Amazon.  

10 Insights from Linux Leaders in the Open Cloud

We’ve compiled quotes on the open cloud from industry leaders including Intel, IBM, HP, Rackspace and SUSE. Their responses illustrate a diverse set of opinions on how companies define the open cloud.

White Paper: Intel IT Best Practices: Open Source Cloud


This new white paper from Intel discusses how to accelerate cloud deployment using open source software. 

Video: A Conversation on Open Cloud – Google+ Hangout


Tech commentator Ben Kepes leads a discussion on the definition of the open source cloud, the role of APIs, the development of specifications, cloud innovation and the cloud marketplace with cloud computing analyst Krishnan Subramanian and Rackspace Cloud co-founder Jonathan Bryce.  



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