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Open Source Cloud Roundup, Week of Sept. 24

By 2012-09-278月 22nd, 2017Blog

The OpenStack Folsom release is out this week, along with a new cloud strategy announced by IBM. Also, OpenNebula’s CEO pens an argument for innovation in the cloud through open source; Seeking Alpha reminds us what open source cloud platforms are up against; Red Hat’s cloud evangelist tours Europe; and OSU Open Source Lab advocates using Ganeti for small to medium-size private cloud deployments. 

Folsom release contributorsNew OpenStack Release Reveals Lighter Rackspace Presence
IT World

OpenStack released its new Folsom version today, expanding from a compute-centric platform to include the Quantum networking project. Rackspace, Red Hat, Nebula and HP were the largest corporate contributors to the new release.

IBM Targets Amazon in the Cloud
The Wall Street Journal

IBM, a founding member of the OpenStack Foundation, announced its new cloud strategy this week aimed at midsize businesses. 

What Role Does Open Source Play in Cloud Computing Innovation?

OpenNebula CEO Ignatio Llorente gives four good reasons why open source cloud platforms spur innovation in cloud computing.  

In The Cloud, It’s Amazon Vs. The Rest
Seeking Alpha  

A short analysis of what open source cloud is up against. PaaS efforts are still emerging and Amazon has vastly superior technology.  

Building a Private Cloud with Open Source Ganeti: Pros and Cons

OSU Open Source Lab is running its private production and development cloud on Ganeti, an open source virtualization management platform developed at Google.

Podcast: Red Hat Cloud Tour Through Europe  
The Cloud Evangelist Blog

Red Hat’s Richard Morrell gives a behind-the-scenes overview of Red Hat’s efforts to build a new business around cloud computing. He recorded this on a sales tour through Europe and discusses what Red Hat enterprise customers are asking for and what the company plans to offer in the next year.

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