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Bringing the Open Cloud to Las Vegas: The CloudStack Collaboration Conference

By 2012-10-028月 22nd, 2017Blog

Most of the work in open source communities takes place over mailing lists, IRC, code repositories, and ticketing systems. In other words, efficient collaboration tools that let folks from all over the world work together without having to be in the same location. But face-to-face meetings are valuable too, which is why we’re putting together the CloudStack Collaboration Conference this fall.

CloudStack CollaborationSo what’s the conference all about? In a nutshell, we’re getting users, developers, and integrators together to share information about CloudStack. We’re also conducting a number of workshops to help developers learn about CloudStack, and to discuss some of the ideas for future releases of CloudStack.

We also want to make sure that we hear from others in the IaaS ecosystem. We’ll have talks and workshops that center on configuration management, monitoring, virtualization, and so on.

Since the event is in Las Vegas, it should go without saying that we also will be having plenty of fun to offset all the hard work going on at the conference. We don’t want to give away too many details yet, but you won’t want to miss our evening events!

Want to get involved? The conference is free to attend, and will be appropriate for anyone working with or thinking about deploying an open cloud based on CloudStack.

Attending and Presenting

The dates for the conference are Nov. 30 – Dec. 2. You can register today. Note that it’s free to attend, but we have a hard limit on the number of folks who can attend – so be sure to register quickly!

The event is being held at The Venetian, and we’ll have a special rate for attendees. Watch the website for more details on that.

Want to present at the conference? We’re looking for talks and workshops on the following:

  • Deploying CloudStack at scale
  • Managing an IaaS (talks on tools such as configuration management, monitoring, etc.)
  • Developing CloudStack (includes not only hacking CloudStack, but also things like setting up Jenkins, etc. that might be of interest)
  • Feature ideas (run a workshop and bounce ideas off of other developers about plans for upcoming releases)
  • Underlying infrastructure (Xen and KVM, for example)
  • Community topics
  • Documentation.

Deadline is Oct. 5, which is approaching rapidly. See the CloudStack Collaboration Conference site to submit a proposal.

See You in Las Vegas

If you’re interested in CloudStack in particular, or open cloud in general, there will be a lot to like at the CloudStack Collaboration Conference. If you’re working with or thinking about deploying an Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud, you don’t want to miss the conference.

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