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Open Source Cloud News Roundup: Week of Oct. 1

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Zenoss released a new report this week that predicts more than 50 percent open source cloud adoption among enterprises within five years.  In other open source cloud news, Rackspace has a new training and certification program for OpenStack, Citrix is building its IaaS platform and CloudStack is looking for speakers at its November conference in Las Vegas.  

Open cloud adoption

Virtualization, Open Source Cloud and PaaS Adoption Numbers
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More than 80 percent of enterprises have not yet turned to open source cloud platforms, but 57 percent are considering choosing one in the next five years, according to a study released by Zenoss this week. The full Zenoss report is available on the Zenoss website, along with a cool infographic. The report adds a little more dimension to a Gartner report out earlier in September on the hype surrounding open cloud. 

Podcast: RackSpace Announces OpenStack Training and Certification Program

Rackspace announced this week it will begin offering training and certification for system administrators on OpenStack. This podcast discusses the program, pricing and details. 

Is OpenStack Cloud Computing Certification a Sign of Things to Come?
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If you’re an IT professional looking for a job, certification on a cloud platform could improve your chances says Rackspace’s Tony Campbell. 

Citrix Cashes In and Unites Xen, CloudStack Investments in Project Windsor

Citrix’s XenServer 6.1 upgrade is integrated with CloudStack positions it as a “direct rival” to the other virtualization and cloud players, writes Paula Rooney. 

Bringing the Open Cloud to Las Vegas: The CloudStack Collaboration Conference

CloudStack developers and integrators will meet up in Las Vegas on Nov. 30-Dec.2. Submit your presentation proprosal.  

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