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Open Source Cloud News Roundup: Week of Oct. 15

By 2012-10-188月 22nd, 2017Blog

With the OpenStack Summit in San Diego this week, open cloud headlines were dominated by OpenStack announcements and analysis. But some new criticisms of the project emerged as well. A Forrester analyst cautions that companies may not get a return on their investment with OpenStack. And TechTarget writes that some key enterprise features are missing from the new Folsom release.

openstack logoOpenStack Summit: Open Cloud Platform Gets Big Push
PC Magazine

The OpenStack Summit was held this week in San Diego with several companies including, Rackspace and Cisco, announcing new products and support for OpenStack.

OpenStack Open Source Cloud Distributions Take Shape

Sean Michael Kerner reports from the OpenStack Summit on a panel about how OpenStack distributions differentiate and why there’s little risk of fragmentation.

With Ubuntu Server 12.10 OpenStack Users Can Stay on the Cutting Edge

The recent addition of Canonical’s Ubuntu Cloud Archive to Ubuntu 12.10 promises to make life much better for companies using both OpenStack and Ubuntu Server.

Forrester Analyst Is Among the Latest to Wonder About OpenStack
OStatic/ GigaOM

A new Forrester report raises questions about what kind of return companies are getting from OpenStack. 

Enterprise OpenStack Projects Encounter Feature Gaps

Forrester wasn’t the only critical voice on OpenStack this week. Several key enterprise features are still missing from the latest OpenStack release, according to this coverage from the summit in San Diego.

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