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Open Source Cloud News Roundup: Week of Oct. 8

By 2012-10-118月 22nd, 2017Blog

This week’s open source cloud news shows more signs that open source adoption and the open source mindset are gaining momentum in the cloud. VMware, for example, this week announced new support for Amazon EC2. Meanwhile, OpenNebula has become more widely used by business than academia and Red Hat has a new partnership with Zend to support PHP applications in the cloud.

OpenNebula surveyA survey of OpenNebula users shows 43 percent are in industry while 17 percent work in research centers. Source:

VMware Realizes It Doesn’t Rule the Cloud, Boosts Support for Amazon

In another sign that VMware is opening up to interoperability, the company has announced that updates to two of its cloud management products will support porting to Amazon EC2.

Open vs. Closed: The Cloud Wars
NYTimes Bits Blog

Quentin Hardy contrasts the cloud strategies of Oracle and HP with those of upstarts such as Box to explain the advantages and disadvantages of vendor lock-in. Will the open model or the closed model ultimately prevail in the cloud?

OpenNebula Survey Shows Industry Use Dominating
The H

A survey of OpenNebula users over the past two quarters reveals that the user base for the open source IaaS has shifted from academic to commercial.

Red Hat OpenShift Now Offers Zend PHP Support
Network World

Red Hat’s open source PaaS has a new partnership with Zend to provide developers with a server for managing PHP applications.

OpenStack Summit Approaching, Stacked with Good Sessions

The OpenStack Summit is next week in San Diego with speakers from Red Hat, Piston Cloud, VMware, Yahoo, Dell, Rackspace and more. GigaOM’s top 8 questions for the OpenStack Summit presents some interesting issues to pay attention to. 

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