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Top Five Tech Jobs Point to Opportunity for Linux Pro's

By 2012-10-058月 22nd, 2017Blog

There is good news being reported today throughout online, print and broadcast newsrooms: The U.S. unemployment rate has dipped to a four-year low to 7.8 percent, and staffing and consulting firm Robert Half International released its 2013 Salary Guide showing technology jobs will see the highest salary increases of any sector in the year ahead.

The Salary Guide reports the top five most lucrative tech jobs for 2013 are:

1) Mobile App Developers
2) Wireless Network Engineers
3) Network Engineers
4) Data Modelers
5) Portal Administrators

These jobs have a few things in common: the requirement for smart, trained, technically savvy men and women with the latest skills for one. But the most important thing they have in common is that they each require a fundamental understanding of Linux. And it could be argued that a deep competency in Linux could put candidates for these jobs at the top of the list. Linux is the foundation for Android, one of two leading mobile operating systems for app developers. It is the dominate operating system in data centers and among web servers. And ask most network administrators the keys to making their lives easier and they’ll include ‘Linux’ in their response.

So 2013 is looking really, really good for Linux pro’s. For professionals just starting their journey, getting involved in the Linux and open source software communities is a good place to start. When we asked the experts how to get paid to work on Linux, the overwhelming response was to participate. With more technology than ever before being built in the open, anyone can work on almost anything. You can follow the Linux Kernel Mailing List and start submitting bug fixes, or you can choose another open source project and start to build your resume through your code. If you’re not sure where to start, check out The Linux Foundation’s Linux Training site. With a global shortage of developers, the ubiquity of Linux, and the lucrative career opportunities at hand, The Linux Foundation is working with its members to help train the next generation of Linux developers and users.

With today’s good news, the stage is being set. If you understand how to develop software collaboratively and participate in an open source community, you’re on your way to both coin and cause.

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