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We Invite You to Share the World's Most Inspiring Linux Stories

By 2012-10-018月 22nd, 2017Blog


Linux inspires. It is enabling nearly every technology innovation of the 21st century and is supporting the growth of numerous industries from mobile to the cloud.  And, its reach goes far beyond these markets to also enable scientific discovery, smart cities, new companies and young students.

One story of inspiration comes from right here in my own backyard in Oakland. With no funding for a computer lab or computers, Robert Litt, a sixth-grade small arts teacher, learned Linux with the help of his local Linux User Group (LUG) and began refurbishing computers so that every child in his school could have access to one. His principal even gave him four hours of “teaching leave” per week to work on this project. Six months into the project, Robert had a full computer lab running free and open source software and students who finally had access to the technology needed to learn in today’s environment. Read more about his story on

I’m also inspired by the work of neuroscientist Henry Markram, who is using a supercomputer to model components of the brain down to the molecular and genetic level. Based on the IBM Blue Gene supercomputing architecture, Markram’s research could lead to new discoveries about mental illness, memory, perception, and could even dramatically accelerate work on artificial intelligence.

These are just a couple of the thousands of stories about how Linux is innovating in areas otherwise considered impossible. What inspiring stories have you heard? Do you have a customer or peer who is transforming lives, communities or scientific research with Linux? We want to hear from you.

Please send your inspiring Linux stories to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
. These stories might be used in Linux Foundation speeches, blogs or other promotional materials where you will be sourced and/or featured. It takes a community to build Linux and a community to tell the stories about how it’s impacting the world.


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