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What Linux Trivia Questions Should We Ask LinuxCon Europe Attendees?

By 2012-10-198月 22nd, 2017Blog


This year at LinuxCon in San Diego, the folks from our training group set up a booth and gave away a variety of prizes (a skateboard, free merchandize, free Linux training) to those who took a shot at a Linux trivia quiz.

There was no command line involved, and the quiz won’t tell you if you should be giving Linus programming lessons; it’s just eight fun questions about random Linux tidbits, such as which movies were shot using Linux, who contributes the most code to the kernel, etc.

While more than 100 people took the quiz, we had some folks who shied away in fear of “trick questions” or losing their Linux Guru status. Would Chuck Norris Test His Linux Trivia Knowledge?


While Chuck Norris is rarely tested, next month at LinuxCon Europe, we’re hoping to offer another “fun” Linux trivia quiz and give away more prizes. But before we do, we thought we’d ask our online community:

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•    Would you take the quiz?  (Why or why not?)
•    What would make the quiz fun? (besides knowing all the answers and winning a prize!)
•    What kinds of questions would you want to see?

Hop over to our Facebook or Google plus page and let us know.

In-case you haven’t seen it, here is the LinuxCon soccer jersey that we’ll be giving to all presenters at LinuxCon… and of course, to one lucky person who is amongst the brave enough to Test Their Linux Trivia Knowledge.

True or False. Did Chuck Norris once say that Linus Torvalds was one of his heroes?  

We guess you’ll have to show up to LinuxCon Europe to find out.



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