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Linux Foundation Recognizes Fujitsu and Mr. Masahiro Date

By 2012-11-298月 22nd, 2017Blog
Date-san Accepts Award at LinuxCon EuropeThousands of people contribute to Linux every day. As our annual “Who Writes Linux” paper reports, individuals from around the world are writing millions of lines of code every year. Equally important are the hundreds of companies supporting Linux every year, from sponsoring Linux kernel development to collaborating on technical initiatives to supporting The Linux Foundation. 

As we prepare to conclude 2012, it is worth recognizing the contributions to Linux and The Linux Foundation from Fujitsu and Mr. Masahiro Date. The Linux Foundation recently recognized Mr. Date’s retirement and the many important contributions he and Fujitsu have made to Linux and the Linux community during a formal presentation of an award at LinuxCon Europe. The award was presented by Jim Zemlin and recognized the important role Fujitsu and Mr. Date have played in advancing Linux in Northeast Asia and around the globe through the company’s support of The Linux Foundation.

Both Mr. Date and Fujitsu have been long-term supporters of The Linux Foundation. Mr. Date was a founding board member and instrumental participant in the creation of the Foundation.

With Fujitsu’s support, Mr. Date was able to increase Linux kernel contributions from Japanese companies and brought together the key Linux kernel maintainers with Japanese developers at the first ever Linux Japanese Symposium, which today is known as LinuxCon Japan. Specifically, Fujitsu’s work on cgroups/memory and hotplugs are just couple of the examples of where Fujitsu developers have made technical breakthroughs. As a result, these Fujitsu developers today are invited to attend the Linux Kernel Summit.

Mr. Date’s history and achievements with The Linux Foundation and Linux community can’t be underestimated. Fujitsu’s ongoing contributions to advancing Linux will continue to return benefits to the operating system for years to come.

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