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Open Source Cloud News Roundup: Week of Nov. 12

By 2012-11-158月 22nd, 2017Blog

This week in open source cloud news headlines ZDNet steps out with a series predicting the winners and losers in cloud computing. One key measurement of success is how much companies are in tune with the open cloud movement. Amazon could be in trouble there, says TechTarget, and needs to adjust its strategy to account for open source momentum. Also in the news this week: CloudStack is a contender; Rackspace’s OpenStack distribution has new features; and Nebula offers the hardware component to OpenStack software.

nebula-logoCan Amazon Web Services’ Cloud Offerings Evolve with the Times?

The cloud services market leader needs to adapt for an open source world to maintain its lead. This article explores ways Amazon could improve its pricing and services to maintain its edge.

Winners in the Cloud Revolution 

VMware, Cloudera and Big Switch Networks are among the companies listed here that are poised to do well in the cloud. One key to future success? Companies must become contributors to open cloud projects, says Jack Clark of Cloud Watch. A follow-up article explores who he thinks the losers of the cloud will be. 

CloudStack: Filling Two Niches In Open-Source Enterprise Cloud Management
ReadWrite Cloud

In case you thought otherwise, CloudStack is a serious contender among enterprise cloud platforms.

Nebula Aims to Deliver OpenStack Appliances

Nebula is bringing a hardware component to the OpenStack software platform.

Rackspace Adds Storage Features to its OpenStack Distribution

The co-founder of the OpenStack IaaS platform has integrated features from the newest Folsom release into its private cloud distribution of OpenStack.

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