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Open Source Cloud Roundup: Week of Oct. 29

By 2012-11-018月 22nd, 2017Blog

This week’s open source cloud headlines highlight a few smaller open source projects and companies, including Blue Box and Orion. You’ll also find more details on HP’s cloud strategy, a new software-defined-networking feature for Rackspace cloud and an op-ed from Alfresco on the role of open source cloud in disrupting proprietary software vendors.  

Zorawar 'Biri' Singh, HPHP: Why an Open Cloud Matters

Zorawar ‘Biri’ Singh, SVP of Converged Cloud at HP, discusses the role of open source technology in shaping HP’s cloud strategy.

Cloud Networks: The Next Chapter In The Open Cloud
Rackspace Blog

Rackspace this week announced another new feature of its OpenStack-based cloud service that allows users to create an isolated network in the cloud using Nicira’s Open vSwitch.

Blue Box Raises $3.5 Million For Cloud And Hosting Service With An OpenStack Flavor

The application hosting service is built on open source technologies including OpenStack, Cloud Foundry and Opscode. Alex Williams has an interesting analysis on why open source is a good foundation for this company’s services.

Is the Cloud Bad for Open Source? Just the Opposite 

Alfresco’s John Powell writes that cloud computing will allow upstart, open source software applications to challenge proprietary solutions.

Orion: Open Source Platform For Cloud, Web and JavaScript Development
Orion Blog

The one-year-old Orion project released a 1.0 version this week of its open source cloud application development platform. 

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