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Free Resource: A Manager's Guide to Building a Product with Embedded Linux

By 2013-01-158月 22nd, 2017Blog


According lft experts behanto a 2012 survey of embedded engineers by both VDC Research and UBM Electronics, the use of Linux in embedded projects is increasing at a fast rate.  UBM reported that some 35 percent of embedded developers are working on Linux projects and that number increases to 48 percent when Android is included.  

This is not a surprise to us. Increasingly, we have been working with companies big and small who are replacing proprietary embedded OS with Linux in our training and events programs, as well as membership.  Among the reasons companies elect to use embedded Linux in their projects are the availability of the source code, the strength of the Linux community, the lower costs, and the availability of Linux developer talent (even though there is a lot of competition for good developers). 

There are many great resources for developers moving to Linux, but what about the managers who are in charge of the projects and development teams? To help engineering managers understand the key considerations when jumping into embedded Linux and open source projects in general, we worked with Linux expert Behan Webster to create a new tutorial for manager’s who are starting to build products with embedded Linux.    

 Among the topics covered in the tutorial are:

  • Balancing the proprietary and the open parts of your project
  • How best to support your engineering staff on open source projects
  • Ways you can reduce legal and management barriers 

The Linux Foundation’s training staff regularly helps companies move to using embedded Linux and as any engineering manager knows, a good plan streamlines projects, leading to faster ship dates and a happier engineering staff.  

WatchA Manager’s Guide to Building a Product with Embedded Linux

If you’re considering using embedded Linux in your next project and would like advice from the Linux Foundation, apply for ourfree Linux Team Evaluation.  One of our technical experts will talk through your project with you and help you determine what might be missing and how you can best position your team up for success. You may also want to attend or send a developer to our upcomingAndroid Builder’s Conference or Embedded Linux Conferencenext month in San Francisco. 

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