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5 Great Quotes of the Day from the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit

By 2013-04-158月 22nd, 2017Blog

 Keynote presenters had some interesting things to say at The Linux Foundation’s Collaboration Summit in San Francisco on Monday. Here are some top quotes. What did you take away from the sessions? Please share your favorite quotes and moments in the comments, below.

Collaboration summit keynote“Linux is more efficient at doing nothing than anything else out there at this point.” – LWN’s Jon Corbet on the Linux kernel’s power-aware scheduling problem. 

“We have seen the last proprietary piece of software that achieves ubiquity. From now on everything starts from open source.” – John Mark Walker, Gluster Community manager at Red Hat. 

“It turns out my soldering skills stink, but I didn’t break it,”  – Andreas Olofsson, inventor of the $99 Linux supercomputer, Parallella, on getting the first boards back from the manufacturer last Thursday.

“One of the most important things was the advice we got from The Linux Foundation.  At the end we open sourced more than we thought we would and NYSE could still protect the assets they wanted to protect.” – Michael Schonberg, Director of Market Data Engineering at Quincy Data and an openMAMA founder, on joining the Linux Foundation as a collaborative project.

“It’s our mission to spread the collaborative DNA of Linux to other industries and projects.” – Jim Zemlin, Linux Foundation executive director.
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