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What IT Managers Can Learn About Retention From 2013 Linux Job Report

By 2013-05-308月 22nd, 2017Blog

The Linux Foundation recently released the 2013 Linux Jobs Report and in a competitive marketplace where companies are struggling to find new talent and salaries are skyrocketing, the other side of the coin is “love the one you’re with.” We’re talking about retention of course, and if you think it’s not something that you have to be worried about, consider that 75% of those surveyed said they have received a call from a recruiter in the last six months and 35% plan to switch employers in 2013. Instead of monitoring your employee’s phone records, below we provide some ways IT managers can retain their Linux talent.

As part of the jobs survey, Linux IT professionals were asked the top three incentives to staying with their current employer. 74% said more money, 61% chose better work/life balance and 47% selected a flexible work schedule or telecommuting. Also highly cited was opportunities for professional development, especially if they resulted in advancement.

Here are four ways to keep your employees sitting tight in their current chair.

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