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New Linux Training Courses Address OpenStack, Enterprise Automation Needs

By 2013-06-198月 22nd, 2017Blog

It’s graduation season and every day there are articles about the shortage of computer scientists. This includes a shortage of entry-level engineers, but also experienced SysAdmins, IT Architects and DevOps professionals in the enterprise IT market, especially as the market is undergoing a shift to cloud and highly automated IT environments.

In fact, in our most recent  Linux Jobs Report  the results show that Linux professionals with a depth of experience are being aggressively recruited in 2013, receiving regular calls from recruiters, and are garnering higher salaries than other tech pros. It turns out, the most sought-after Linux professional is the SysAdmin.

At The Linux Foundation, it’s part of our mandate to train the next generation of Linux developers as well as a new generation of DevOps professionals who are highly skilled in Linux, cloud, security and automation tools. We have recently expanded our training program  to meet this need with the following courses: OpenStack Cloud Architecture and Deployment and Linux Enterprise Automation.  (We also have a host of other Linux SysAdmin classes that address the basics and more advanced topics like performance tuning.)

These new courses are designed to teach Linux pros how to build and maintain the IT environment of the future. It’s about far more than mastering technologies like Puppet, Chef, Spacewalk, Gluster and others; it’s also about knowing how to make the hard, smart decisions to support changing, complex technical challenges to support business needs. SysAdmins and DevOps are highly-valued members of the team who need to know how deal with a change in direction overnight. These professionals are increasingly involved in the most strategic business decisions.

It’s important to point out that this is the new norm. The stakes keep getting higher and the pace of change will only get faster. As the cloud and the work for SysAdmins continues to evolve, these individuals must have the skills needed to adapt, change and push the boundaries of innovation. Our Linux training program aims to equip them to do just that.

The Linux Foundation training program is helping turn out the best and brightest minds in Linux: both on the development and the IT side. The SysAdmins and DevOps professionals who possess the skills needed to work in today’s modern IT environments and who embrace the latest approaches to deploying, maintaining and securing servers will win in the job market. We hope you’ll join us as we prepare for the future of Linux and the future of IT.

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