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LinuxCon Program Announced Join the Most Technical Mardi Gras Parade In History

By 2013-07-198月 22nd, 2017Blog


I’m pleased to announce the schedules for LinuxCon and CloudOpen happening this September in New Orleans. We had more submissions than ever and narrowing them down was probably the most difficult process we’ve ever had. And yes we will have a parade from the conference to one of the parties; I bet it will have more C developers marching than any other Mardi Gras parade in history.

The full schedule can be found here.

I want to thank the Linux Plumbers Conference Committee and the CloudOpen Program Committee for helping us shape this conference. For the first time, we’ve developed a joint track with the Linux Plumbers Conference committee to offer deeply technical content focused on core development. By working together we can provide great technical conference sessions at LinuxCon while Plumbers can concentrate on solving the really hard issues facing Linux and other upstream projects via its collaborative sessions.

Here are a handful of my favorites for this year:

LinuxCon North America

* The Changing Kernel Development Process, by Jonathan Corbet,

* A Practical Tutorial to Open Sourcing Proprietary Technology, by Ibrahim Haddad, Samsung

* Will Parallel Programming Ever Become Routine, presented by Paul E. McKenney, IBM

* Case Study: Doing a Live Upgrade of Many Thousand Servers at Google from an Ancient Red Hat Distribution to Recent Debian-Based One, presented by Marc Merlin, Google

* Tutorial: High Availability Solutions for MySQL and MariaDB, presented by Max Mether, MySQL AB

* Efficient and Large Scale Program Flow Tracing in Linux – Alexander Shishkin, Intel

* Power Management in the Linux Kernel: Current Status and Future, by Rafael J. Wysocki, Intel OTC

CloudOpen North America

* Everything I Know About the Cloud, I Learned from Game of Thrones, by Joe “Zonker” Brockmeier, Citrix

* Building a Secure Cloud, presented by Matthew Garrett, Nebula

 * QEMU 2.x and Beyond: The Foundation of the Open Cloud, presented by Anthony Liguori, Open Virtualization Development Lead at IBM Linux Technology Center

* What Two DBAs Wish They had Known Before Virtualizing on OpenStack, by Mason Morris and Doug Liming, SAS

* Lessons Learned Building a Hybrid Cloud Service, by Noa Resare, Senior Engineer at Spotify Systems

* The New Cloud Factory: Building Web Scale Using Open Source on the Internet Assembly Line – Thomas Hatch, SaltStack

* The State of the Stack – Randy Bias, Cloudscaling

CloudOpen has evolved as the place to learn about all the open source projects that comprise the cloud.

We’re also hosting two new events this year to increase participation for newcomers. We’ll host a Newcomers Reception on Sunday night, the eve of opening day for both LinuxCon and CloudOpen. We also invite women attending the event to join us for the Women in OSS Luncheon. This is an opportunity for women to network and share their experiences at the event.

We’re also hoping to give back this year to our host city of New Orleans and are partnering with a local nonprofit called Fuel the Future. This group provides meals and after school programs to under-resourced kids in the New Orleans area so that they might fuel the future of their communities. You will have an opportunity to pack a bag of food or donate directly to the organization. We will be matching those donations and have committed to a $5,000 minimum donation already.

Let’s together fuel the future of Linux, open cloud and collaborative development while giving back to the city that will host this year’s work. Hope to see you there.

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