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Watch LinuxCon/CloudOpen Keynotes Via Free, Live Video Stream

By 2013-09-118月 22nd, 2017Blog

Linux Foundation T-shirt? Check. My customized schedule of keynotes, sessions, workshops and evening events? Check. Stuffed penguin? Check. (Don’t ask).

It must be time for LinuxCon and CloudOpen! We’re really excited to see everyone there – from Linux developers and SysAdmins to IT managers to business executives, as well as our sponsors and members.

While these events represent the largest gathering of Linux and cloud professionals in North America, we know that from year to year some people aren’t able to attend. That’s why we will again make our keynotes available via a free, live video stream.

The stream is available only during the keynotes, which includes these amazing speakers:

  • Jonathan Bryce, executive director of OpenStack Foundation, will talk about “Developers: The New Superpower.”
  • Candy Chang, TED senior fellow and Artist, will talk about the power of community.
  • Chris DiBona, Google’s director of Open Source, will present “What Five Years of Android Has Meant.”
  • Brian Aker, fellow at HP, will share his thoughts on “Why Open Source Matters.”
  • Kevin Kelly, digital visionary and founding executive editor, Wired Magazine, will present “The Technium.”
  • Brad McCredie, CTO and IBM fellow, will talk about “Linux, Cloud and Next Generation Workloads.”
  • Gabe Newell, co-founder and executive director of Valve, will talk about the company’s perspective on Linux and gaming.
  • Dirk Hohndel, Intel’s chief Linux and open source technologist, will talk about mobile computing and the role of HTML5 in his keynote titled “The New Frontiers.”
  • Linux creator Linus Torvalds will be joined by Linux kernel developers Tejun Heo, Red Hat; Greg Kroah-Hartman, The Linux Foundation; and Sarah Sharp, Intel.
  • Eben Upton, founder of Raspberry Pi Foundation, will talk about Raspberry Pi and “Shiny New Toys.”
  • Jim Zemlin, executive director at The Linux Foundation, will reveal new information about Linux, open cloud and collaboration.

So get into your Netflix-style binge watching mode, and start building your own watch-from-home or watch-from-the-office schedule here: Then, sign up for the video stream first thing Monday to get in on the opening day keynotes.

If all this doesn’t already have you pumped up, just take a look at this.

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