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The Most Popular Linux Stories of 2013 on

By 2013-12-308月 22nd, 2017Blog

NASA logo2013 was another great year for Linux, and as usual many of the top trends in the Linux and tech worlds, in general, are evident in the most popular original articles published here on 

The rise of the low-cost, single-board computer, a la Raspberry Pi, for example, as well as the continued growth of Google’s Linux-based Android mobile operating system are reflected in this year’s top 10. Our new “Android App Development for Beginners” series was a hit, along with the new series of embedded Linux board reviews and how-to’s.

Mixed in were some classics such as the annual pick of top distros and a few desktop app reviews and tutorials. And who could forget the awesome story from Linux Foundation Training this year about the International Space Station switching to Linux? Here, we list the top 10 out of the hundreds of original articles published on the site throughout the year, starting with the most popular article.

1. The 2013 Top 7 Best Linux Distributions for You

Katherine Noyes was prescient when she declared Ubuntu the best gaming desktop due to Valve’s endorsement of the distro for its newly released Steam platform for Linux. Now, of course, Valve has its very own SteamOS.

2. Android Programming for Beginners: Part 1

The first part in a popular new series of Android tutorials from Juliet Kemp. 

3. Top 3 Linux Video Editors

Carla Schroder gives her picks for the best video applications on Linux.

4. How to Install CyanogenMod on an Android Phone

Mod your phone at your own risk, reads Juliet Kemp’s disclaimer at the start of this tutorial.

5. Getting Started With the BeagleBone Black: A 1GHz ARM Linux Machine for $45

Ben Martin reviews the ARM-based SBC and explains how to get it up and running and access the various pins and headers.

6. Introducing the $99 Linux Supercomputer

In this guest post, Andrew Back tapped into what was easily one of the biggest trends of the year: the astonishing rise of low-cost, single board computing inspired by the Raspberry Pi. Here he introduces the Parallella, which launched with a Kickstarter campaign in 2012 and shipped its first boards in 2013.

7. How to Run Linux on ODROID-U2: A Monster of an ARM Machine

Another SBC article — this one covers how to install Linux on the ODroid-U2, “an extremely small form factor, ARM-based computer that packs enough grunt to replace a modest desktop.”

8. Android Programming for Beginners: Part 2

While part 1 focused on how to set up a development environment and build a basic app, Juliet’s second article takes a closer look at the structure of an Android app and how to create a menu, and run the app on a phone.

9. Professional Audio Production on Linux

Carla Schroder gives her top software picks for making, editing and mastering good recordings, as well as writing a score and broadcasting over the web.

10. Linux Foundation Training Prepares the International Space Station for Linux Migration

The story of how United Space Alliance, a NASA contractor deeply involved in Space Shuttle and International Space Station (ISS) operations, decided to migrate to Linux and used The Linux Foundation Training program to train its team.


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