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How Linux Foundation Events Have Evolved

By 2014-01-218月 22nd, 2017Blog


Today we released our 2014 global event schedule. Back in 2007, we created The Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit because I could see a unique opportunity to bring together the developers, industry leaders and end users (largely from the enterprise) who were creating this thing we called Linux. We knew that face-to-face collaboration amongst disparate yet aligned groups could reap great rewards. Soon we were adding developers and companies from the world of mobile, then embedded computing, then cloud computing, then automotive to events first in North America, then Asia, then Europe. Basically everywhere Linux has gone, we have gone.

Seven years later, we are expanding to areas where our involvement doesn’t spring solely from our work with Linux. Industries and technologies of all kinds have discovered that collaborative software development works better in most cases than the proprietary models of old. We feel it’s our obligation to help spread the gospel of collaborative development far and wide and to enable other community groups, like The Apache Software Foundation or the kernel development community, to focus on what they do best and leave the event organizing to us.

I am proud to see our events become places where tomorrow’s technologies are being built today, in such areas as the Internet of Things, open networking, cloud computing, automotive software and mobile devices. Having organized more than 60 events around the world in the last few years, we are humbled to provide the neutral venues where much of this technical work is advanced.

We’re excited about the new events on our schedule: ApacheCon and CloudStack Collaboration Conference North America. These events are right around the corner, taking place in Denver in April. Please get your CFPs in by February 1. ApacheCon is more than doubling its tracks this year, and there are more opportunities than ever to share your work and learn from others.

If you are an open source developer, a DevOps pro, a Linux SysAdmin or a business person in an industry touched by open development, we have events that will help you build great things. I hope to see you at one or more of our events this year. From Napa to Chicago and Dusseldorf (and more), there are many great cities to explore while helping to change the world one line of code at a time.

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